marco melis

audio/visual performance based on live electronics and analog televisions. I use a wooden box with a contact mic and a pair of stretch sensors measuring the position of my shoulders.
may 2014

this is the performance of a piece I recently wrote. I play a prepared classical guitar, which features an electric bass string (also played with a bow) and two contact mics. all sounds, including the voice, are then digitally processed. all in real time.
march 2013

I programmed the Mogees software for this pilot installation inside the Goldsmiths Campus, a few days before the V&A installation. many people stopped by - as we wished, since we wanted to gather as many opinions as possible for a preliminar user evaluation. I think Atau played (with) the installation in a very intelligent way.
september 2012

with this track I just wanted to share the sound of a granulator I had developed. as the track title shows, it's a juxtaposition rather than a proper composition, because I wanted the focus to be on each independent sound.
july 2012